Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

New Taxiway

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Co-financed project ...

New Taxiway

The performance of this task will increase the operational capacity of the Gdansk Airport from 12 to 30 air operations/hour.

PRIORITY: Priority VI: Road and air TEN-T network

Gdansk Airport – the modernization of airport airside infrastructure

The taxiway has been designed as the asphalt pavement of the strip 23.0m wide with reinforced shoulders on both sides, 7.5m wide each, and the length of 2,599 running meter. The way will be parallel to the runway and they will be connected with six roads. Out of the six roads, four will be constructed and two fast exits will be modernised. The axial distance from the airstrip will amount to 182.5m north of the existing runway.

The area of the taxiway with the exit roads and reinforced shoulders will amount to 126,502 m2.

This  investment is closely related to achieving the operational capacity that will enable the service of new planes of the D code (i.e. planes whose referential taking-off length is 1,800m or more and the length of wings is from 36 to 52m, while the total spacing of external main undercarriage wheels is from 9m to 14m) and, sporadically, of the E code (the length of wings from 52m to 65m, the total spacing of external main undercarriage wheels from 9m to 14m).

Project “Gdansk Airport – the modernization of airport airside infrastructure” co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the frame of the Infrastructure and Environment Programme • •