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Procurement of the FIDS departure information system

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Procurement of the FIDS departure information system

Flight Information System (FIS) is a system based on a central database that will provide the collection and processing of information related to flights.

The system will provide passengers with relevant information collected in the central database via various media, i.e. displays – monitors, information boards, diode lines, websites, call centres and interactive voice response systems.
FIDS will be designed in compliance with IATA standards.
The system will be an upgrade of the existing FIS system, which is operated at the first Terminal, i.e. the City-Terminal, resulting in the establishment of a single FIS system of joint control.
The system will be compatible with the SITA system, the A-VDGS docking system and the DSO public address system. An integral part of the FIS system will be a module of the flight information display system (FIDS), which will provide passengers with data on flights and any additional information from handling and security services via various media. The flight information display system will be automatically transferred to the website service of the Airport.
The FIS system will feature a module that will facilitate analyses and creating flight statistics.

The module will monitor:

  • The number of flights per hour;
  • The total number of flights;
  • The number of flights of a line;
  • The number of flights by plane types;
  • The number of delays, their causes and duration; and
  • The number of delays by lines.

The system will also display the following information:

  • Arrivals timetable;
  • Departures timetable;
  • Current arrivals;
  • Current departures
  • Current arrivals and departures alternatively on a single monitor;
  • Check-in;
  • Boarding – gate;
  • Baggage; and
  • A list of current gates.