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The modernization of the power engineering infrastructure

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The modernization of the power engineering infrastructure

The preparatory work for the taxiway building have included the removal of collisions with the existing power engineering infrastructure and the modernization of the whole power system that feeds the Gdansk Airport.

The following tasks has been done :
a) the reconstruction of the medium voltage and low voltage cable network and the removal of cables that collide with the designed pavements;
b) the construction of transformer stations; and
c) providing dividers of the network and the telecommunication ducts.

Other preparatory work included the following elements:
a) the disassembly of concrete and asphalt-concrete pavements and foundations;
b) the disassembly and silting up the section of the 800 stormwater collector (after construction the new drainage system);
c) the reconstruction of the 200 sanitary sewage system section, and
d) the disassembly of vertical signs.

The transformer station building was designated for the Airport Power engineering Point.

Building parameters:
Development area 212.5 m2,

Usable area:

  •  Medium voltage switching station 15 kV 78 m2,
  • Low-voltage switching station 0.4 kV 49.5 m2,
  • Transformer 1 10.1 m2,
  • Transformer 2 10.1 m2,
  •  TT room 20.8 m2,
  • Warehouse 20.3 m2.
In total, the usable area  amount to: 188.8 m2.
The building cubature amount to 840 m3 and its height 3.9 m.

Culverts of cables designed under the pavements was made with cable culverts, 1m deep. At changes of existing cables routes, the cables are connected with new cables of the same technical parameters with parallel connections. Cable wells was additionally built at such sites.
During the modernization, some cables was replaced ( length of removed and replaced cables is approximately 3 km).
The total length of new cables amounts to 64 km.