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Meteorological Radar Commissioned

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Meteorological Radar Commissioned

Meteorological Radar Commissioned

On 18 December 2003 the most modern meteorological radar in Poland, operating within the POLRAD system and situated on the airport grounds in Rębiechowo, was officially commissioned and delivered for use.

The radar dish is fully automated. Data is transmitted via satellite to the Radar System Operations Centre in Warsaw, where it is processed and employed to develop an aggregate image, and subsequently made available to users and through an Internet website at Thanks to very low mean microwave energy emission, special beam characteristics and its tasks related to the observation of atmospheric phenomena the meteorological radar poses no danger to people staying in its vicinity.

The radar dish in Gdańsk Rębiechowo ensures spatial and temporal continuity of monitoring with respect to dangerous meteorological phenomena: precipitation, thunderstorms and gales within a 100-250km radius, evaluating their intensity and - owing to its connection with state-of-the art data processing systems - forecasting such phenomena ca. 2-6 hrs in advance.

The radar will also be of use in civil aviation, navigation and fishery in the Baltic Sea region, as well as in other areas where early warning of dangerous atmospheric phenomena is of special importance.