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New Eurolot connections from Gdańsk

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New Eurolot connections from Gdańsk

Brussels, Hamburg, Helsinki, and Zurich are the new destinations of Eurolot from Gdańsk. They will be launched gradually between 3 and 30 March 2014. During the summer season, the holiday directions to Croatia and the link to Wrocław will also come back.

Eurolot has been implementing its strategy of developing local connections from Gdańsk to domestic and European airports consistently. At present, Eurolot planes fly regularly from Gdańsk to Amsterdam, Lublin and Krakow, and during the high season to Poprad, Split, Dubrovnik, and Zadar. The main strength of these connections, in addition to their attractive prices, is the speed of transport, giving Eurolot a cutting edge over ground carriers.

‘We focus on safety, the comfort of passengers, and modern solutions,’ says Mariusz Dąbrowski, Eurolot’s CEO. ‘Bombardier Q400 NextGen, tablets available to passengers, free and varied meals, and business lounges in the Premium class are only some of the means we use to meet our targets. A very important matter remains a broad offer for passengers. In my opinion, the new connections will be interesting both for business and tourists from all over the region.

Eurolot will be an important partner for the development of the TriCity and Pomerania as such as well as an important counterparty for the Lech Walesa Airport. A decision has been taken to make Gdańsk a base airport for some of Eurolot aircraft.

‘We have supported the development strategy of Eurolot for a long time. We are positive that the new connections will be welcomed by passengers from Pomerania, who have expressed their interest in most of the new destinations for a long time now. The new network of connections, including outstanding foreign directions, is a great step in the development of Eurolot. We are proud that Gdańsk keeps up with Eurolot.’ Says Tomasz Kloskowski, CEO of the Lech Walesa Airport.

The new European destinations from Gdańsk will be available according to the following schedule:

  • Brussels: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday,
  • Hamburg: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
  • Helsinki: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday,
  • Zurich: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

To celebrate the launch of the new connections, Eurolot has prepared a special price offer for all new routes. A return ticket for connections abroad will be available at PLN 399 and at PLN 299 for domestic connections. The regular prices charged after the promotion period will start from PLN 499 for return foreign flights and PLN 399 for domestic flights.

Discounts are available in all Eurolot flights, at 33% for children aged 2-15 and 90% for children under 2. A single piece of luggage up to 23 kg is included in a ticket price.

In addition to the regular network of connections, Eurolot provides chartered flights to international corporations, sport clubs as well as film and music producers. From January to November 2013, Eurolot carried 160 thousand passengers in 20 directions.

Eurolot’s connections to the sunny Croatia are coming back in the summer season.

Since June 2014, we will also fly from Gdańsk to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar.

Aircraft to Split will set off from the Gdańsk airport on Sundays and to Dubrovnik and Zadar on Saturdays.

In the last two years, Eurolot has become an unquestionable leader of connections from Poland to the Adriatic Sea. Last year, the total number of passengers carried to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar increased two-fold compared to 2012. The most popular months for flights to the Adriatic beaches were August and September (load factor 85 and 86%).

Broadening the offer with connections from the airports in Gdańsk, Poznań, Krakow, and Warsaw has significantly increased the traffic in the ‘Croatian’ direction but also, which is important in terms of time- and money-savings for passengers, reduced road transport in favour of flights.

Bojan Baketa, director of the Croatian Tourist Chamber, expresses his satisfaction. ‘This season Eurolot carried 25 thousand Polish tourists to Croatia. Croatia is a country that is nearby, familiar, and without any cultural differences. This popularity results also from the fact that Poles love sailing, which is one of the highlights in travels to the Adriatic Sea,’ he emphasizes.

Eurolot is developing very quickly. Passengers have appreciated the strategy of the carrier, which includes the attractive destinations, the extended network of connections, and raising the flight comfort level.