Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Our Beloved Mr Mayor, Dear Boss,

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Our Beloved Mr Mayor, Dear Boss,

Do you remember when you ‘came’ to work at the Airport for the first time more than twenty years ago?

 Then, we served mere 230 thousand passengers, only three airlines flew from us, and to just four cities: Warsaw, Hamburg, London, and Copenhagen. The financial situation was disastrous too, as we continued to sustain losses. We had just only opened the first passenger terminal, where wind was mostly howling.
You shared your enthusiasm and optimism with us and enabled us to work regularly and normally. You were not afraid of taking important, but difficult decisions for the Airport. You pressured us to work every day. You always had the Gdańsk Airport in your heart and were always proud of it. And for all those years, you were our Father, just as the Airport was our Mother.
Today, we serve 5 million passengers and eleven airlines fly to several dozen cities from Gdańsk. There are so many of them that we could fill this whole page with their list. We have a spectacular and modern terminal, which arouses envy all over Europe. And it took you only 20 years…
We had so much to do together: develop the Terminal, build the Airport City, start new airline connections… However, the Lord had other important jobs for you. He certainly must be building an Airport in the Heaven, as he has taken the best expert away from us to help Him.
We are not afraid of the future, because we know that you will look after us, this time from above. Now, we will fly closer to you every day, and will surely talk about ‘airport businesses’. If we know you well, you will soon ‘call us on the carpet’, because we are beginning to extend the Terminal…
Hold out, Boss. You will always have the most important place in our hearts.

Management Board and Personnel of Gdańsk Airport