Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

President Lech Walesa - the patron of the Gdansk Airport

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President Lech Walesa - the patron of the Gdansk Airport

President Lech Walesa - the patron of the Gdansk Airport

On 10 May 2004 the Gdansk Airport was named after Lech Walesa. The new airport logo was unveiled in the presence of president Lech Walesa by representatives of company shareholders, including province government, Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot commune authorities and ‘Polish Airports’ state-owned company.

The official naming of the airport after Lech Walesa was the culminating point in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of launching Port Lotniczy Gdansk company which manages the airport and the 30th anniversary of the airport in Gdansk-Rebiechowo.

“Our efforts to change the name of the airport in Gdansk aimed at coining of an easy-to-remember name which could be associated with Poland and the region", explains Wlodzimierz Machczynski, the President of Port Lotniczy Gdansk Management Board. “The first step was to change the company name from Port Lotniczy Gdansk-Trojmiasto to Port Lotniczy Gdansk. Last year we approached President Lech Walesa with the proposal that he become the airport’s patron. President accepted the proposal. As a consequence, today he can be received at the airport as our patron".

The choice of the most appropriate design of the new airport trademark proved time-consuming. President Lech Walesa personally contributed to the development of the final logo version. A fragment of his signature became an integral part of the new Gdansk airport trademark.

In the presence of President Lech Walesa and First Lady Danuta Walesowa, the new symbol of the Gdansk airport was unveiled by Jan Kozłowski, the President of the Pomeranian Province; Pawel Adamowicz, the President of Gdansk; Wojciech Szczurek, the President of Gdynia; Jacek Karnowski, the President of Sopot, and Wiktor Zieminski, Assistant Executive Manager of ‘Polish Airports’ state-owned company.

To memorialise the historic occasion, a commemorative statuette related by virtue of its shape to an airport runway was handed to President Lech Walesa.

Apart from the official part of the ceremony to name the Gdansk Airport after President Lech Walesa, the organisers prepared an artistic programme “In the World of the Musical" performed by actors from Roma and Rampa theatres and the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, an exhibition of photos documenting the history of civil aviation in Gdansk and the thirty years of airport operation in Gdansk Rebiechowo, and an exhibition of works prepared by children who had taken part in the anniversary artistic competition “Airport through a Kindergartener’s Eyes".