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Polish Air Traffic Agency

Air traffic control, Aeronautical information service, alerting service, planning air traffic flow above Poland, airspace occupancy coordination, reporting offices management, publishing and updating aviation publications are just some of numerous PANSA's activity spheres.

The area of PANSA's activity is the Flight Information Region Warszawa better known as FIR WARSZAWA. Its borderline on the ground coincides with the state's borderline, and in the North, it goes beyond Polish territorial waters until it meets nieghbouring FIRs.

Airspace in FIR is divided into two parts: controlled and uncontrolled. Air traffic services operate in both of them. Every aircraft in the controlled airspace is provided with air traffic control service. The service is established to prevent aircraft from colliding in the air, from colliding with obstacles and other aircraft in the movement area, and to improve and maintain air traffic flow in order.

Controlled airspace consists of airways, where air traffic control is fulfilled by area control service (ACC), terminal control areas (TMA), where air traffic control is fulfilled by approach control service (APP) providing air traffic control service for arriving and departing aircraft, and control zones (CTR), where air traffic control is fulfilled by aerodrome control service (TWR) providing ATC service for aerodrome traffic.

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