Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Lost luggage

telephone information service 801 066 808

From mobile phones +48 525 673 531 Operator charges apply

Lost Baggage Office

If your baggage is lost (it didn’t fly with you) you need to go to the lost baggage office and present the following to the airline agent:

  • your boarding pass,
  • baggage tag as a proof of checked baggage.

Airline agent will ask you a few questions for easier identification of your baggage (in result faster recovery):

  •  type of baggage,
  • colour of baggage,
  • baggage brand / producer,
  • was baggage additionally marked (additional tag with name/surname, characteristic extras).

Other essential information:

  • baggage delivery address (not all airlines deliver baggage!),
  • your ticket number,
  • contact details.

Each passenger receives a complaint case printout with case number and GDN Airport Services Baggage Complaint Dept. contact number.

Some airlines have special letters for passengers. If so, passenger.receives such letter from GDN Airport Services employee.

At our airport lost baggage office is situated near Schengen Arrival Hall. There is no lost baggage office in non-Schengen Arrival Hall, but information where to go in case of lost baggage is well visible.

It is important to make your way straight to lost baggage office, in case of troubles with baggage. Do not leave airport earlier!

If you need more information, use the contact form.