Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Executive lounge

telephone information service 801 066 808

From mobile phones +48 525 673 531 Operator charges apply

Comfort and prestige

The Executive Lounge is situated on the first floor, in the international departures waiting area. International flight passengers are invited to wait for the departure of their plane in a comfortable lounge, fitted out to create a cosy atmosphere.

A high standard of service is provided for members of the "frequent flyer" programme and other selected passengers in the Executive Lounge. Gdańsk airport also makes this facility available to other individual guests.

The pastel colouring of this modern interior, with air-conditioning, comfortable leather seats, lockers, a pleasant and professional service, a well-stocked bar and Polish and foreign press all helps passengers to relax in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Drinks and delicious food can be consumed while watching TV, videos or DVDs - all in a perfect, home cinema, audio surround system.

In order to obtain a card authorising access to the services offered in the Executive Lounge, please contact:
058 348 11 99, or o use the  contact form .

Who can use the Executive Lounge at Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport?
  1. Priority Pass card holders with accompanying guests.*
  2. Dragon Pass card holders with accompanying guests.*
  3. Holders of HON Circle membership cards with accompanying guests – on LOT and Lufthansa carrier flights.*
  4. Star Alliance Gold Card holders with one accompanying guest - on LOT and Lufthansa carrier flights.*
  5. LOT and Lufthansa business class travellers, without an accompanying guest.
  6. Passengers holding a LOT invitation to the Executive Lounge for LOT flights.
  7. Passengers who signed relevant agreements with the Executive Lounge operator (i.e. Port Lotniczy Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.)
  8. Korzyści i Przywileje Card owners (Bank Handlowy in Warsaw).*
  9. Diner Club Card holders.*
  10. Lounge Key Card holders.*
  11. Oneworld Emerald and Oneworld Sapphire Card holders - Finnair carrier flights.*

* - card owner has to take his/her card to Executive Lounge room


From 03/15/2015 you are allowed to enter to Executive Lounge room despite conditions listed above. The payment should be made by a payment card. Service cost: 100 PLN per person.

Executive Lounge guests can pay for the service using credit card.


The use of the Executive Lounge by passengers flying with PLL LOT** and Lufthansa is directly regulated by these carriers.

** - Executive Lounge for PLL LOT passengers - regulations.

Please note, that according to Miles and More Star Alliance rules, holders of Silver Cards are not allowed to enter Executive Lounge at Lufthansa and LOT flights.

Executive Lounge opening hours: 5AM - 9PM


Due to the charter operations being taken over by PLL LOT S.A — from 01 June 2009 — we would like to inform you that PLL LOT has decided to provide the Executive Lounge with passengers traveling on LOT charter flights on similar terms to passengers of cruuise flights.

However, this offer is limited and addressed only for Star Alliance Gold card holders. Passsengers with FTL card will not be able to benefit from this privilage. To qualify for the lounge, it is required to present a valid Star Alliance Gold card (including SENATOR and HON) and a boarding pass for LOT charter flights number LO 6XXX or number LO7XX.

Important information!

From 31th of March 2014 TAM(JJ) and US Airways (US) carriers are not the Star Alliance members anymore.