Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Airport charge

telephone information service 801 066 808

From mobile phones +48 525 673 531 Operator charges apply

Landing charge

The landing charge is payable for each landing of an aircraft at an aerodrome. This charge also includes a take-off charge.

The landing charge is payable for each landing of an aircraft at an aerodrome. This charge also includes a take-off charge:
75,00 PLN

For aircraft with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of more than 2 metric tonnes the landing charge is payable per each commenced tonne of the MTOW, irrespective of flight type, and is as follows:
25,00 PLN

In respect of helicopters the charge is reduced by 50%.


Departing passenger charge

The departing passenger charge is payable per each departing passenger.

The departing passenger charge is payable per each departing passenger: 48,00 PLN.

The following are exempt from the charge:

  • transit passengers,
  • children under 2 years of age not entitled to occupy a separate seat in the aircraft.

Parking charges

1. The parking charge is payable for the parking of aircraft in the area of the aerodrome designated for this purpose.
2. The parking charge amounts to 4.50 PLN per each commenced tonne of the maximum take-off weight and each commenced 24 hours of parking regardless of the flight type. Parking time begins to run at the time of landing and terminates at the time of take-off.
3. No charge as specified in V.2 shall be imposed for parking time up to 4 hours.

Centralized infrastructure

1. Uniform check-in system including:

  • 26 check-in stands
  • 1 check-in stand for oversized luggage
  • 22 gates

2. Luggage system including:

  • transport and luggage checking system
  • 12 pick-up stands for departing airplanes
  • 5 conveyor belts for inbounding luggage

3. Drinking water deliverance and sewage disposal installation.

4. Apron for de-icing the airplanes.

5. Airport information system for departures and luggage reception.

6. 5 jet bridges.

Airport Gdansk does not charge for using infrastructure listed above, excluding only 6th point. Airport Gdansk directly charges carriers who use jet bridges. More information you can get in Airport Gdansk office or by clicking on this link.

A price list for additional services at Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport

1. Removal of contaminations from aerodrome surfaces

The following fees for the removal of dirt from aerodrome surfaces caused or reported by aerodrome users are collected for each commenced 10 square metres of the cleaned area:

  • removal of spilt fuel and/or gas 1 100,00 PLN,
  • removal of other contaminations 550,00 PLN,
  • additional snow removal, deicing 310,00 PLN.
2. Additional protection of an aircraft during parking

The following fees are collected for non-standard security services for aircraft parking at the airport:

  • protection of an aircraft by a special guard (PLN per hour per each guard) 150,00 PLN,
  • special lighting of an aircraft stand (PLN per 24HRS) per 1 light source 1 110,00 PLN,
  • enclosure (fence) around an aircraft stand by means of plastic tape with warning signals (PLN per 24HRS) 250,00 PL.


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